Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour Men's

The Hoji Pro Tour is envisioned as an all-around ski touring boot. It is not meant to be an ultra-stiff freeride boot. It’s designed to be easy to use, have really good range of motion, with really good skiing performance in one transition action.

Although all touring boots are about compromises, the Hoji boot attempts to minimize compromises while emphasizing minimalist design and speed of transitions. The key is an internal plastic spine that both supports a walk mode skeleton while perching on the lower shell to allow the boot flex pattern to evenly distribute force and flex from upper to lower shell. For the uphill, the walk mech was designed to separate a free floating upper from lower cuff using a linear cable clamping mechanism so that throwing the walk mode lever gives the user freedom of movement without necessity of fuddling around with buckles (see video below re Transitions).

For the downhill, that same walk mode when actuated into ski mode (combined with shell construction and materials used in a stiff plastic) wedges the boot together to take out play resulting in a stiff chassis with progressive control of the boot derived from tuned flex via design and materials.


Exact Weight: 1,381 g
Boot Shell: Grilamid®
Boot Cuff: Grilamid® loaded with glass fibers
Buckles: 1 traditional upper buckle, 1 ratchet-style ankle buckle and 1 reversed toe buckle
Forward Lean: 11° + Release for Walking
Boot sole: Fixed rockered Pomoca rubber
Cuff rotation: 55°
Bindings: Pin-style “tech” bindings with a pin heel
Liner: Custom Ready