MSR Alpine Deluxe Kitchen Set

The MSR Alpine Deluxe Kitchen set combines a comprehensive set of tools to make utdoor cooking easy and fun.

Gear can be picked up the night before your booking date. Please call Alpine Demo Centre (604-962-3228) for more details.


  1. Folding Spoon, Spatula and Strainer/Grater: Spoon is calibrated for common measurements, Strainer doubles and cheese grater and Spatula has serrated edge.
  2. Alpine Salt & Pepper Shaker: Design is moisture resistant and holds plenty.
  3. Alpine Dish Brush /Scraper: Nonstick friendly pot cleaner with edge radius to match cookware.
  4. Alpine Kitchen Knife: 4.5" Santoku-styled knife in a ventilated, plastic sheath is made from 440-series high-carbon stainless steel.
  5. PackTowl® Dish Towel: The original travel towel absorbs four times its weight in water–over and over–dries fast and is built to survive years of abuse.
  6. Deluxe case: Zippered, semi-rigid case with two large zippered mesh pockets for maximum versatility.
  7. Alpine Deluxe Cutting Board: Strong, hinged design for durability and portability.
  8. Plus: (2) squeeze bottles, Bottle opener/corkscrew.